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Master in
Ministry (MIM)

This online program is designed to prepare students—intellectually, spiritually, and functionally—for vocational or lay ministry in a variety of contexts. This program is specifically for students seeking their ministerial credentials, but it also provides a foundational education to anyone seeking entry into ministry.

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Northwest University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is a private, non-profit Christian institution awarding associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

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Wayde Goodall

What he knows about ministry could fill a book. In fact, it has filled 16.

Dr. Wayde Goodall has been called "a pastor's pastor." At NU, we're proud to call him our Dean at the College of Ministry. His writing has been translated into 15 languages. What does his knowledge and experience mean for students? Classes that are engaging, relevant, and practical. Theology that is sound. And a world-class education that will fully equip you for ministry leadership.

Why Choose Northwest University?

A Legacy of Success

Complete your Master in Ministry degree at a university with 80 years of preparing Christian leaders for service. Since 1934, we've provided a top-quality education to students interested in pursuing Christian ministry.

Exceptional Faculty

Work with distinguished professors. Each one has extensive biblical training, deep theological education, and rich, diverse experiences in ministry and leadership.

Fully Accredited

All of our graduate ministry degrees are fully accredited at the highest level possible. You can be sure that a degree from NU will be widely recognized and deeply respected.

Training for Credentials

NU is the only evangelical, charismatic graduate ministry opportunity in the Pacific Northwest. Our MA programs are suitable for credentialing through the Assemblies of God, other denominations, and military chaplaincy.

An Affordable Investment

Our degrees are competitively priced when compared to other online offerings. The investment into education can deeply impact your ministry for the rest of your life. Financial aid is available.

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Program Cost

Cost per Credit: $544 | Total Credit Hours in Program: 30

Course Descriptions

Old Testament Introduction

Background & Theology: Examines the basic structure and biblical content of the Old Testament, as well as the core history of Israel in tandem with its relationships to other contemporaneous Near Eastern peoples. This course assists students in developing a foundational understanding of hermeneutical and exegetical method as well as essential theological themes as they interface with the Old Testament canonical literature.

New Testament Introduction

Background & Theology: Overviews the major literary components of the Gospels, Acts, the Pauline corpus, the General epistles and Revelation. Students will review the entire scope of the New Testament writings in terms of authorship, date, occasion for writing as well as for structure and theological content. Attention will also be given to the textual traditions, language, and canonicity of the NT.

Reading the Bible

Exegesis and Interpretation: Serves as an introductory graduate experience in biblical exegesis and Christ-centered hermeneutics as applied to the entire scope of the biblical narrative. Special attention is given to developing an intellectual framework for biblical interpretation coupled with skillful exegesis that lays a solid foundation for both oral and written exposition of canonical sources.

Texts in Context

Using biblical books as a point of departure, this series of courses provides an exegetical basis for interpretation framed with particular contextual issues in mind. Sample course titles include Luke/Acts: Wealth and Possessions; Amos: Economics and Social Justice; Revelation: Politics and Empire; and 1 Corinthians: Power and Justice in Relationships.

Christian Theology

An Introduction: Introduces basic systematic theology as articulated in the evangelical expression of the church, with which the Assemblies of God in broad perspective identifies itself. Gives specific attention to the theological formation of classical Pentecostal doctrine as articulated by the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God.

Ministry Essentials

Develops a practical, biblically based foundation for ministry that integrates theology and practice, including the conducting of communion, weddings, funerals and baby dedications, as well as establishing ethical parameters in pastoral counseling, time management, ministerial ethics and leadership style. Emphasizes the divine call of vocational ministry and the attendant challenges of balancing one's spiritual, personal, and professional life.

Ministry Leadership and Administration

Serves to prepare students to lead a church or other ministry organization by teaching principles of leadership, financial management, governance, board leading, staff and volunteer recruiting and management, record keeping, vision development, relevant legal issues and strategic planning.

Biblical Preaching & Teaching

Provides a graduate-level foundation in effectively communicating God's Word to engage and empower listeners to live transformed lives. Introduces various forms of preaching and teaching (including communicating in cross-cultural contexts) and prepares students to effectively prepare and deliver sermons as well as didactic presentations. Students will also gain a fundamental understanding of how to incorporate technology into their communication.

Contextual Education I, II, & III

Working in conjunction with a mentor professor, students will design and conduct a supervised field or research-based learning experience that provides the opportunity to focus on a specific ministry interest. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following: supervised work or internship within a specific ministry context in a church or para-church setting, focused study of one's denominational polity, a directed reading focus related to an area of the student's interest. Topic is subject to instructor approval.

Contemporary Issues I

Spiritual Formation: A one-credit special topic seminar on spiritual formation.

Contemporary Issues II & III

Special Topic Seminars: A one-credit special topic seminar on a salient topic in pastoral ministry, church ministry, biblical studies, or theology.

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