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At Northwest University, an advanced education isn’t out of reach for the busy professional. NU’s online MBA program is designed to prepare working adults for higher levels of management responsibility so they will be able to serve their organizations as innovative and effective leaders. Our students learn how to lead so they can make a difference in the organizations that they serve. The MBA‘s strong core curriculum covers functional areas of business (operations, marketing, finance) as well as leadership soft skill development and corporate strategy analysis all in the context of Christian values and a distinctive, ethically responsible worldview.

Program highlights

• Options: Intensify your learning experience with one of three concentrations: Social entrepreneurship, leadership or international business. Additionally, you can choose to join one of the School of Business and Management’s yearly international trips, which can be taken for credit.

• Quality: Benefit from the same courses as NU’s onsite MBA, all taught and developed by the same experienced faculty. Have confidence in the quality of your education with a degree accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the premier accrediting association for business schools that focuses on teaching excellence.

• Professional Training: Engage in practical courses that provide you with real-world insight and skills that you can apply right away in your current career. Learn relevant strategies for innovative, confident leadership, preparing for effective service in today’s business world.

• Collaborative Environment: Our small size insures that you are an integral part of a learning community, not just a number. Learn in a cohort model, which is characterized by the support and openness of a small group of peers who are in the same study program as you. You’ll be both challenged and encouraged as you work alongside others who have the same goals that you do.

• Convenience: By taking one class at a time, you can balance work and home responsibilities while earning an MBA in less than two years. The GMAT is not required for qualified applicants (those who have at least a 3.2 undergraduate GPA and two years of professional employment).

Program courses

Marketing Management: Analyzes corporate marketing concepts, including evaluations of effective pricing, product development, promotion, channel selection and consumer behavior.

Operations Management: Studies strategies for the production of goods and delivery of services. Addresses topics including supply chain management, inventory, requirements planning, product and process design, facility, layout, job design, customer order fulfillment, production planning and operations analysis.

Organizational Management: Explores the structure and functioning of complex organizations, as well as organizational change processes. Covers topics including leadership, individual and group behavior, systems as well as company culture. Addresses issues relating to managing change and ethics through the use of case studies.

Financial Management: Studies a firm’s investment and financing decisions. Intensively evaluates topics including valuation and risk, capital budgeting and financial leveraging.

Intermediate Accounting: Introduces and applies intermediate accounting concepts used by management for planning and controlling organizational activities.

Project Management: Focuses on the tools and techniques required to plan, direct, control and manage resources to meet the technical requirements, cost targets and time constraints of a project to meet project objectives.

Business Innovation and Research: Reviews the entrepreneurial planning process and methodology of business research. Students write a business plan; conduct market research; or evaluate a business problem, issue or possibility that will be completed over the subsequent three semesters.

Information Technology Management: Introduces business information systems concepts, uses and issues from a management perspective.

International Business: Discusses and analyzes international business operations from a management framework, including the role of multinational corporations.

Corporate Strategy: Involves a capstone course study of business policy and strategic analysis by integrating all previous course work. Topics include developing plans for organizational success and evaluating outcomes.

Management of Nonprofits: Explores the unique challenges of leading and managing nonprofit organizations. Topics include working with a board of volunteers, strategic planning and assessing the effectiveness of the organization’s mission.

Legal and Ethical Responsibility: Studies business law and ethics with an emphasis on recognizing ethical dilemmas, managing legal risk and leading with integrity. Legal topics include contracts, torts, intellectual property and organizational structure.

Choose one of the following

Leadership Development: Examines leadership and communication theory involving interpersonal relationships, small group processes and team dynamics. Students learn to improve professional leadership skills, including oral and written communication, conflict resolution and negotiation. Also addresses ethical issues involving management.

Agile Project Management: Introduces the principles and methodologies of agile project management, which are particularly applicable to project requirements that are continuously changing, such as software design and information technology.

International Business Travel Course: Additional travel fees apply.

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