Online Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL)

With more than 20 years of experience in preparing people just like you to work in the field of TESOL, Northwest University is the perfect partner in your education. An advanced degree in this in-demand field is accessible to students located both domestically and internationally due to its convenient online format. NU’s MATESOL program prepares graduates to work or teach in a variety of intercultural settings or to pursue entry to Ph.D. programs by providing a strong foundation in TESOL pedagogy, linguistics and intercultural studies.

Program highlights

• Quality: Build a comprehensive foundation in literacy, linguistics, cultural perspectives, and other core areas with a degree accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

• Global Perspective: Gain real-world insight and skills to apply in any teaching setting, learning from experienced faculty and participating in an international internship experience as part of your research.

• Integrity: As part of a Christian institution, focus your studies in the context of a distinctive, ethically responsible worldview.

• Connections: Benefit from a virtual community of like-minded peers that forms an engaging, interactive learning environment.

• Convenience: Stay fully engaged with your career and personal commitments while studying when you want and where you want. Taking only one or two courses at a time, you can earn your degree in less than two years.

Program courses

SLA Theory: Introduces core theories of how second and foreign languages are learned after a first language has already been acquired. Students will focus on cognitive theories and the historical framework of the field.

Sociolinguistics: Investigates the relationship between language and culture. Students will examine how societal factors impact linguistic choices.

Survey of Linguistics: Surveys the study of linguistics, followed by in-depth treatment of phonology, phonetics, morphology, and syntax. Students will interpret linguistic data in each area.

Methods of TESOL: Examines approaches and methods for teaching the English language. Students will focus on producing unit plans for specific demographics and on developing appropriate activities for various skill areas.

Syntax and Grammar Pedagogy: Explores the theoretical treatment of syntax to understand modern theories of grammar, followed by pedagogical applications of the theory for teaching grammar in an ESL/EFL context.

SLA Research Methods:  Introduces action research methodology as applied in English language education. Students will review basic statistical analysis.

Globalization: Aims to position students in the larger context of global systems – economic, cultural, and geopolitical. Students will consider the relationship and impact between English language teaching and globalization.

Literacy: Examines the developmental stages in the process of reading and writing, as well as teaching literacy pedagogy.

Assessment: Practices constructing and administering tests in TESOL classes. Studies evaluation tools for assessing second language proficiency.

Language, Culture, and Power: Examines critical connections between language and culture through exploring communities of practice, identity, heteroglossia and power.

Internship: Melds theory with practice through onsite teaching and applied research at rotating international sites, resulting in a research thesis suitable for publication. Cohorts will participate in the international internship for three to six weeks in the final semester of the program.

Research/Thesis: Develops a research article suitable for publication based on an international internship, teaching and research.

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